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I decided to convert some GIFs in this website to MP4 videos after reading this thoroughly researched blog by Jeremy Wagner.

When I tested it out however, I found that the videos were working only in Chrome. After a bit of Googling, I figured out the right params to be passed to the ffmpeg and it was over 200 characters long. There was no way I was going to remember this. Setting up an alias was the only solution if I ever wanted to use this again.

I had never written any major bash script as of then so I wanted to try making this as one.


  • Install ffmpeg(brew install ffmpeg on macOS).
  • Clone the repo.
  • Run chmod +x gifvid.
  • Copy this to the bin path by running cp gifvid /usr/bin. Use sudo if needed.


gifvid source

source is mandatory. The converted video will be written to source.mp4.

CLI Flags

  • -s
  • --src - Specify the source.
  • -d
  • --dest - Specify the destination. Will be source.mp4 if not given.
  • -c
  • --crf - Constant Rate Factor. Defaults to 25. Lower the number, higher the quality and file size.

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