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Update: IRCTC has fixed this now.

Recently, I chanced upon the PNR Enquiry site and then noticed this. Their CAPTCHA was copy-pastable!

copy-pastable captcha

Seriously, wasn't CAPTCHA designed to prevent bots? I went through the source code and I was flattered. The CAPTCHA was basically a random number being overlayed on an image.

text overlay for a captcha

After spending some more time in the source code, I was shocked. It was not actually a random number. It was 5 random numbers(each for one digit) concatenated together to form a 5 digit number! Wouldn't it be easier and more efficient if a 5 digit number is generated instead? Whoever designed this website deserves an award! Also notice the 'Test' comment tag. I believe someone uploaded a test version of the site which had not been completely designed due to some urgency or it was a silly goofup.

random number generator test code

As a responsible citizen, I mailed CRIS, the guys responsible for developing and maintaining the IRCTC site. And like most government offices, I am yet to get a reply.

To demonstrate how easy it is to break this so called CAPTCHA, I wrote a Python script using the Selenium module. The results, well, see them for yourself.

breaking captcha

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