IPL Flask

· 1 min read

I was looking for a quick solution to see cricket scores from my college without having to use proxies. I thought I would design one myself using Python and host it in Heroku. That's how this project was born.

You can check the site here. I kept the design as minimal as possible to avoid attracting any unnecessary attention.

I had to do the following steps to get Flask running on Heroku: installed toolbet.

  • use source bin/activate for swiching to virtualenv in the flask folder
  • use which python to verify
  • use ./run.py to run the app.
  • pip install BeautifulSoup4
  • git add all files in the folder except bin, include, lib, local and tmp dirs
  • create requirements.txt file.
  • I used pip freeze>requirements.txt
  • Create Procfile with contents as web: gunicorn app:app

[Source on GitHub]

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